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Amazon Rainforest - Sustainable Development on the Rio Jauaperi

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December 7, 2012

Scientific research projects are often the principal way to understand, protect and conserve natural environment. for this reason, during these years, the
Association has promoted a lot of different scientific studies in the Xixuau Xiparina Reserve.
1993 saw the start of a collaboration with the Universidade do Amazonas in the fields of sociology and medicine. The University has carried out further research
into fish stocks in the area and the potential for fish farming.
In 1994 a research project began for the study of the behaviour and ecology of the giant otter in natural environment, run by the Aquatic Mammals Laboratory of
the National Amazon Research Institute (Manaus).
Research was carried out into medicinal plants by EMBRAPA of Roraima, the University of Salerno and IILA from Italy.
An anthropological study was carried out by the University la Sapienza of Rome.
Research into potential for ecotourism in the area was done by the University of Birmingham (UK).
The quality of Life Research Institute from Denmark made a preliminary study in the area.
Further research is being carried out into giant otters by the University of Rome with the collaboration of INPA.
A mammal survey of the reserve was carried out by the Zoological Gardens of Copenhagen, in collaboration with INPA and the Museo Nacional do Rio.
A project on Amazonia Biodiversity Estimation using remote sensing and indigenous taxonomy was presented at the European Space Agency Symposium 2000.


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