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December 7, 2012

One of the most common requests the Association received from the local inhabitants was to provide a primary education for the children of the
area. For this reason the Association opened the first school in the Xixuau Reserve in 1996.
In 2000 a new school was opened in the community of Samauma and a local teacher was employed by the Association, which also provides school meals and
transportation for pupils who live outside the community, as well as didactic material. The school has now reached the point where a number of children have
completed their primary education and the need has arisen to provide further teaching which would ideally be done through internet.
In 2002 a new school was built and opened in the Xixuau. Run by a professional Brazilian teacher the school is providing education for all the children from the reserve
as well as the adults during evening classes.
At the same time the new satellite internet link up has led to the opening of a multimedia school where the inhabitants of the reserve learn to work with computers, to
use the internet and digital photography. A volunteer teacher is currently at work in this school.
Using the internet it is possible for the students to study beyond primary grade education which they can receive in the traditional school. This can be done using
government and international on-line courses.
Moreover, during the last years, the Association has :

• Enabled local people to train to become teachers and nurses;
• Promoted training in alternative methods of sustainable agriculture;
• Helped local people to train to become environment advisors.


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