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The Amazon Rainforest

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Sustainable Development on the Rio Jauaperí


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To save the Amazon Forest
it is imperative to establish the supremacy of the
United Nations
Convention on Biological Diversity
over the
World Trade Organization
Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) agreement


 Come to the Amazon Forest! 

Come to the magic river Xixuau !

Experience life in a traditional community in the heart of the amazon rain rain-forest, Feel the reverberation of the ancient way of life.  Enjoy a tourism ecologically sustainable , responsible, humanitarian, adventurous, self-enlightening and  life changing.

  • Forest walks, canoe trips, night camps.
  • Bird Watching,  Exploration
  • Traditional  malocas.


Eco-tourism in the Amazon Rainforest is one of the ways through which the forest and its biodiversity can be sustainably utilized to reduce poverty and thus encourage people, with mutual reinforcement, to protect forest and its biodiversity from deforestation,

Look  at the Ecotourism Offers by the Coop Xixuau


On the day 15 February 2010 the Coop Xixuau, an agricultural and extractive cooperative was founded . The Coop Xixuau is made of people from the Rio Jauaperi and was formed for he purpose of improving the life of the people living on the Rio Jauperi through the ecologically sustainable activities of ecotourism, forest extraction, handicrafts.

The co-operants Elizama, Francilane Nadia, webmasters of the Coop Xixuau, are working at the construction of the CoopXixuau Website  See

The CoopXixuau was created with the help of the Amazonia Association one of whose ojectives is empowerment and capacity building of the traditional communities in the Amazon forest.


A great victory for Amazonia

The President Lula on the 28 of January 2009 has decreed that the area of the Extractive Reserve Baixo Rio Branco-Rio Jauaperi, in process of institution, is excluded from the transfer of the federal land to the state of Roraima.
A great victory of the people of the Jauaperi, the Associacao Amazonia, the Associação dos Artesãos do Rio Jauaperi, the Associação dos Agro-extrativistas do Baixo Rio Branco e Rio Jauaperi (ECOEX) and the world civil society.
The dawn has arrived for the Resex of the Baixo Rio Branco-Rio Jauaperi.

DECRETO No- 6.754, DE 28 DE JANEIRO DE 2009

The Traditional Communities of the Rio Jauaperi
meet with President Lula.

Representatives of the traditional communities of the Rio Jauperi have gone to Brasilia to affirm their wish for the creation of the Extractive Reserve of the LowerRio Branco - Rio Jauperi.

Le Comunità del Jauaperi incontrano Lula
From the left, Elton Leite da Encarnacao (Voluntary Envirinmental Agent of the Xixuau Community) , the President Lula,Aluisio Barroso do Nascimento (Vice-President of ECOEX), Luiz Barroso do Nascimento (Secretary of ECOEX), Justino Filho de Souza (Vice-President of Xixuau Community

"Because professional fishing boats, ranchers, loggers and the government of Roraima with its plans for building roads and colonizing the area are destroying the birthright of our children and our grand children we demand the immediate creation of the Lower Rio Branco-Rio Jauaperi Extractive Reserve."
Signed by the communities of Santa Maria Velha, Tapanaruca, Remanso, Floresta, Itaquera, Samauma, Xixuau, Tananau, Palestina, Gaspar and Sao Pedro

Thank you Senator Marina Silva !

Marina Silva, Minister of the Environment in Lula's government since 2003 has resigned last 13 May, denouncing the lack of support from the government and pressure from the agro-industry responsible of the deforestation.
The Traditional Communities of the Rio Jauaperi and the Amazonia Association want to thank Marina Silva for the extraordinary work done these years to support the creation of numerous protected areas, including the presently being born Exctractive Reserve of the Lower Rio Branco-Rio Jauperi.
We will continue to be close to the senator in her battle in defence of Amazonia and her people.

December 7, 2012 -
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