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Amazon Rainforest - Sustainable Development on the Rio Jauaperi

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Jauaperi Project

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December 7, 2012

In 1993 collaboration began with the Universidade do Amazonas leading to the creation of the Jauaperi Project with the following aims:
  • the preservation, conservation and sustainable use of the extraordinary biological diversity present.
  • to increase the level of self-sufficiency of the communities of the Rio Jauaperi.
  • to study health and education problems and implement the necessary services.
  • to investigate and implement techniques of sustainable exploitation of the forest resources.
  • to work towards the realisation of scientific research projects, through agreements with universities, institutes and suitable organisations, to create new models based on local reality.
  • to create an inventory of natural resources of the area, like soil, vegetation, climate, social and biodiversity, the genetic bank.


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