Day 1
Departure from Milan with Flight for Manaus
Day 2
Arrival early afternoon in Manaus and picked up by guide. Transfer to the boat and begin navigation on the Rio Negro. Night spent on board sleeping in hammocks.
Day 3
Continuation of journey along the Rio Negro and the Rio Jauaperi. Visit to the village of Sao Pedro to meet the locals. Sleeping on board.
Day 4
Arrival at the Maloca (lodge) in the Xixuau. Rooms with beds or hammocks. Meeting with the reserve staff. and guides. Visit to the multimedia school where the children study using internet. Afternoon bathing in the river.
Day 5
Canoe outings in groups of 3-4 people along the rivers to view the wildlife. Afternoon return to the lodge.
Day 6
Canoe lessons. Afternoon excursions and night time canoe outing to see the caymen..

Days 7-8
Outing into the forest (groups of 3-4 people) preparation of camp, overnight in the forest with a long jungle trek in the morning and return to the lodge in the afternoon.
Day 9
Outing to the Forest to see how rubber tapping is done. Afternoon lessons with local bow and arrow.
Day 10
Outing on the Jauaperi to the village of Samauma where it is possible to purchase local craftworks. Afternoon return to Xixuau.
Day 11
Outboard fishing trip on the Jauaperi to catch piranha. Visit to the Farinha house to see manioc flour being made.
Day 12
Canoe outing to spot the giant otters and other rare species. Bathing in the river.
Day 13
Departure for Manaus
Day 14
Morning trip to the Rio Amazonas, to see the meeting of the waters of the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoes. Early afternoon transfer to the airport and departure.
Day 15
Arrival in Italy







General Information


Surface area: 1.600.000 square kilomtres
Population 2.080.000it.
Surface area of Xixuau Reserve: 172.000 hectares
The largest Tropical Rain Forest on Earth and hosting the greatest biodiversity.
Two thirds of all living species on the planet.
Hydrographic basin containing 20% of all fresh water in the world.
del pianeta.
Temperature variation: from 21 to 42 celsius..

Some of the animal species that inhabit the Xixuau Reserve:
Giant otter, dolphin manatee, jaguar, ocelot, tapir, sloth, giant anteater, black cayman, paca, pecary, capybara, spider monkey, capuchin monkey, howler monkey, anaconda, coral snake, armadillo, pirarucu, piranha, tucunare', harpy eagle, toucan, humming bird, macaw, royal vulture, caracara falcon, etc.

Scientific collaboration inside the Xixuau-Xiparina Reserve:
National Amazon Research Institute (BR), University of Amazonas (BR), IBAMA (BR), Embrapa (BR), CNPT (BR), Universita' La Sapienza Roma (It), Universita' Roma Tre (It), Universita' di Siena (It), Universita' di Salerno (It), Istituto Italo-Latino Americano (It), University of East Carolina (USA), University of Birmingham (UK), University of Copenhagen (DK), Institute For The Quality of Life (DK), Fondo per la Terra ONLUS (It), The Kleinwort Trust (UK), OnSat (USA), Solar Electric Light Fund (USA), GEV Modena (It).

Vaccinations (non obbligatory)

Time difference Language Currency Visa
Yellow fever
Anti malaria pills
Portuguese Real No

Light weight: shorts, t-shirts, long trousers and long sleeved shirt (mimetic colours), sweatshirt, light weight cover for the night, rain jacket, hiking boots, hat, torch, sandals, swimming costume, sun cream, insect repellent.

Departure Dates
08 -22 November
23 Nov - 7 Dec
08 - 22 Dec
23 Dec - 06 Jan 2003
07 - 21 Jan 2003

All the excursions are by choice. The guides are always available for alternative outings, both during the day and at night, and these can be requested at the reserve.



Amazon Association

Tel. 0039 0564 954151 / 0039 0564 409266


  Xixuaù-Xiparinà Reserve